Alberta Feed & Consulting sells its Red Deer Production Facility. (Read More…)


Alberta Feed & Consulting is a privately owned premix, mineral and supplement manufacturing facility. Centrally located in Red Deer just west of highway 2 in the Queen’s Business Park, makes for easy access into and out of our feed mill operation for heavy trucks and trailers.

Alberta Feed & Consulting has proudly served customers for over 30 years. Our new, state of the art, fully computerised manufacturing facility was built in 2006 and still serves as one of the best qualified premix only facilities in Alberta.

We are a CFIA certified animal feed business that complies with all CFIA audited regulations including the recently finalized Ractopamine Free Certification Program.

Alberta Feed & Consulting is currently in the process of implementing HACCP, a food safety program recognized world wide.

With quality and product integrity being of utmost importance for our customers we have installed a fully computerized premix manufacturing system which is solely dedicated to manufacturing micro and macro premixes as well as mineral and supplement products.

Our facility allows us to ship our product in bulk form through our overhead bulk loading system, smaller quantities can be loaded in mini bulk totes or individually bagged for handling convenience.

Our fully qualified sales and nutrition staff will be more than happy to help you with all of your livestock feed needs.