Our Winter Mineral is designed to be fed during winter months when forage quality is poorer or when feeding a mixture of various forages.This premix has two parts calcium to one part phosphorus. It also contains high levels of magnesium as well as 5% added salt. High levels of nutrient fortification for all other nutrients. Feed at 80 – 100 grams per head per day

Available with or without added Rumensin.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE Thoroughly mix 7.2 kg Winter mineral px with 492.3 kg of barley silage and 500 kg of grass hay dry matter. Feed to 600 kg mature beef cows at 2.3% of their body-weight as the daily Dry Matter Intake or 13.8 kg DMI.

The Winter Mineral is usually fed when using feed-stocks that contain medium but higher levels of calcium and lower levels of phosphorus. Use this premix for the following feed scenarios.

Late summer pasture
Winter hay feeding
Timothy/Brome/Clover hay
Hay/clover silage
Pea / canola straw

Winter Mineral (2-1)