Features and Benefits.

  • improves the digestibility of raw materials used in swine and poultry diets.
  • Effective on a wide range of feed ingredients (Cereals)
  • Stimulates growth of healthy bacteria. (Improved gut health)
  • Increased immunity.
  • Improves daily gain and feed conversion.
  • Reduces free ammonia concentration in manure
  • Easy handling by low inclusion levels.

Bio-Gest is formulated to improve immunity and enhance average daily gain and feed conversion in swine and poultry diets. Feeding Bio-Gest will improve the health of the gut and provide the right balance of digestive enzyme to increase the breakdown of raw materials in feed diets. Bio-Gest improves the health of the digestive tract by stimulating the growth of healthy bacteria. Improving the health of the digestive tract releases the ability for the gut to maximize its efficiency in digesting feed stuffs, resulting in healthier, faster growing, more efficient livestock.

Feeding Instructions.

Feed to growing and finishing swine and poultry.

Feed at the rate of 400 Grams (0.4 Kg) per tonne of finished complete feed.