Alberta Feed & Consulting provides nutrition solutions for all stages of hog production. With todays rapid improvements in swine genetics, nutrition becomes increasingly important for  hogs to be able to express those genetic improvements. Our swine nutrition program provides superior nutrient density in all stages of the production.

Sow Feed Programs:
The place where it all starts is in the sow breeding program. If not done correctly it makes other stages of production more difficult to optimize. Our Alberta Sow premix and micro programs are designed to deliver exactly the kind of performance progressive producers are looking for.

Hot Nursery Programs:
Digestibility of ingredients is one of the main factors in hot nursery nutrition. Our Premium Nursery Base 200 provides superior performance in the hot nursery barn by using highly digestible, high density palatable ingredients. Our program allows us to formulate any number of stages hot nursery facilities may require.  Trendsetter 150 provides the same high level of nutrition, in a smaller package.

Grower- Finisher Programs
Our Vantage program allows producers to take their hogs from early grower all the way to shipping. Designed for that extra level of performance, it allows pigs to gain to their genetic potential and at the same time provide the kind of feed conversions that make it economical to use. The vantage program comes as Vantage 60 Vantage 50 and Vantage 40.
Finisher 30 is formulated to deliver a solid level of nutrition for those customers that prefer the lower inclusion premix.