Klean Feed is a blend of preservatives, anti oxidants, proteins and direct fed microbial’s which together act to help buffer and inhibit the effects associated with molds and mycotoxins in grains and protein blends used for swine feed.

Many factors govern the survival of molds and mycotoxins in grains and feeds, increased concerns with harvesting and storage conditions increase the exposure to these toxins. Even small amounts of these compounds may affect the absorption rates of nutrients in swine.

The symptoms exhibited by pigs, associated with mycotoxin toxicity are mostly dependent on the kind of mycotoxin involved as well as the concentration of the toxins in the grain.  Combinations of different toxins may show a synergistic negative effect on performance of swine.

Some common symptoms of mycotoxin toxicity in pigs are, reduced feed intake, poor growth, increased incidence of disease, compromised immune system, vomiting, rectal prolapses, sudden death, abortion and low libido.

Klean Feed is designed with a cocktail of ingredients that have shown to help prevent the proliferation of commonly seen mycotoxins and further aid in buffering the activity of the toxins in the pig gut. Klean Feed also helps to strengthen the compromised immune system associated with mycotoxins exposure.

Using Klean Feed at recommended levels as prevention will help eliminate reduction of performance in cases where mycotoxins are present at low levels where performance may be hurt but not easily measured.

Using Klean Feed in severe cases of mycotoxin toxicity will help maintain normal or near normal levels of production in the pig production facilities. In heavy infestations increased inclusion of Klean Feed could show a quicker and better response.