LMB Hog Supplement – 2X

(Reg #480652)

Pork producers are being forced to eliminate Ractopamine (Paylean) from their finishing diets, as a result producers may have to start shipping lighter hogs and lose some of the loin bonuses.

Alberta Feed and Consulting has developed an exclusive product to help the producer deal with the possible loss of extra lean gain and bigger loin size. Our exclusive LMB Pack is a cocktail of ingredients that provides nutrients that may help improve increased levels of muscle mass, increased carcass lean and improved immune response in grower and finishing hogs when fed at recommended levels

Numerous trials are available that show the individual ingredients used in LMB Pack can improve lean muscle growth and increase average daily gain as well as improve feed conversion ratio’s. When put together in the right ratio, we see a synergistic effect. Meaning when used in combination the results are better than the individual results of each separate ingredient.

One of the ingredients in LMB pack is a vitamin-like amino acid nutrient that is involved in transporting fatty acids from outside mitochondrial cells to inside these cells so the fat can be burned for energy. Without L- carnitine fatty acids are not broken down. Research clearly demonstrates that L – carnitine accelerates the breakdown of fat while maintaining muscle mass.

Another ingredient is an organic form of chromium that’s involved in carbohydrate, lipid, protein and nucleic acid metabolism. Research has proven chromium maximizes the delivery of energy through the blood glucose transport system to other parts of the body, thereby maximizing the efficiency of this energy transport system (Converting fat to lean). Data suggests that using Chromium Tripicolinate increases loin eye size, reduces back fat, and increases carcass lean.

When expecting increased weight gains and improve feed conversion care needs to be taken that extra balanced nutrients are provided to sustain this. LMB Pack is a cocktail of balanced nutrition that is able to provide the elevated level of nutrition.