Molasses Supplement Tubs

  • 25% Range Beef Cattle tubs are designed to be fed FREE CHOICE to grazing beef cattle, in conjunction with good management practices.
  • Intake of this product should average 500 grams per head per day based on 500 Kg animals
  • Do not feed to overly hungry or starved animals as over consumption may occur.
  • Adequate roughage must be available at all times.
  • Place 1 X 110Kg Tub for every 25 head of cattle every 10 days.
  • Consumption is controlled by a combination of factors including composition and hardness of the supplement, condition of the cattle, quality and quantity of the roughage available, weather conditions, and previous feeding or management practices.
  • Place tubs in a place where animals congregate, loafing areas, near water source or where roughage is fed. To increase consumption relocate closer to these areas, to reduce intake move product further away.


  1. High protein to assure adequate protein intake especially when feeding poor quality roughage or at the end of the grazing season.
  2. Fortified with high levels of trace minerals and vitamins for improved health and rebreeding of the cow herd.
  3. Added Chelated trace minerals for improved performance.
  4. Better able to manage summer grazing areas.
  5. Improves utilization of poor quality forage.
  6. Resistant to inclement weather.
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