Pre-Biotic Supplementation

Pre-Track specifically targets the micro flora in the gut increasing beneficial bacteria and reducing harmful bacteria, resulting in a healthier gut which improves immunity and increased animal performance.

When using Pre-Track at the recommended feeding level some of the expected improvements may be:

For best results Pre-Track should be used at a rate of 1 Kg per metric ton of complete feed for Gestating sows and Hot Nursery feed. Lactating sows at 2 Kg’s per metric ton of complete feed.

Nursery Pigs:

  • Enhanced immunity.
  • Improved gut health.
  • Healthier animals
  • Lower mortality
  • Increased feed intake
  • Improved growth rates.
  • Better feed efficiency.


  • Increased birth weights.
  • Improved weaning weights
  • Fewer low weight piglets
  • Improved feed intake
  • Lower weight loss in lactation
  • Reduced wean to breeding interval
  • Increased sow longevity

Inclusion of Pre-Track per tonne of complete feed.

  • Gestating Sows 1 Kg
  • Lactating Sows 2 Kg’s
  • Hot Nursery 1-2 Kg’s