Super Start Creep feed has been designed with today’s high lean, fast growing, pig in mind. Pigs are leaner and growing faster than ever before. Proper nutrition earlier in the baby pigs life is now more important than ever.

Digestibility and palatability are key factors in determining feed intake in the early stages before and after weaning. With that in mind Super Start Creep has been designed using special high-quality and digestible ingredients at the right balance to promote quick adaption of solid feed intake for the piglets.

Feeding Super Start Creep ensures your pigs get off to a good start, maximizing intake and growth early on. Today’s genetically improved pig has the ability for fast and efficient gains providing we give them the right nutrition; the end result is a better bottom line.

Designed to meet the needs of young pigs from as soon as they take their first mouthful of solid feed, our recommended Super Start Creep will get your pigs started in the nursery with strong healthy performance at an  optimal cost/kg gain.

Feed intake after weaning ensures the success of weaning healthy fast-growing pigs. Super Start Creep is focused not only on stimulating feed intake and gut development but delivering nutrients to help maintain an optimum gut micro-flora balance in the young pig. Special care has been taken to ensure the right digestible and palatable ingredients along with proper nutrient balance to achieve those targets.

Super Start