We carry a full line of mineral premixes for both the cow-calf producer as well as the back-grounding and feedlot operators. Feeding good levels of nutrition has a significant effect on the Health, Reproduction and Feeding Efficiency of the animals. With todays improved beef breeds and higher production expectation it is vital that the proper nutrition is supplied at all levels of production.

14 – 14 (1-1) Cattle mineral Premix
Fortified with high levels of Phosphorus, Magnesium and Vitamin A D & E.

14 – 7 (2-1) Hi Mag Beef mineral Premix.
High levels of Magnesium and Vitamin A D & E.

25 – 1 Hi Mag Cattle mineral Premix.
Fortified with higher levels of magnesium and vitamins.

12 – 12 Cow Breeder mineral Premix.
Designed and fortified for spring and summer breeding cows.

Beef table

26% Calf Stress Relief Supplement.
Feed to highly stressed and newly weaned calves.

Back-grounding Premix / Back-grounding Supplement
Formulated and fortified to deliver healthy and good performing back-grounders.

Beef finisher Premix.
Specifically formulated for fast growing feedlot cattle.